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Here at The Boarding Centre, we have a reputation for a level of not only quality care, but also for ensuring that your cat or other small pet has a stress-free stay whilst with us. We often see the same faces returning year after year, proving that our existing customers are always more than satisfied with the services we provide.  

Looking after your cats and other small pets... So you don't have to

For cats, we provide them with a high quality and extremely hygienic chalet which is also fitted with heating, so that they are always as comfortable as possible.


We aim to make your cat's space as similar to the family home as possible, offering you the chance to bring items from home which will make their stay as pleasurable as possible. Please ensure your cats are wormed and de-flead at regular intervals before boarding  We offer:

  • 24 hour attendance

  • Clean and hygienic living environment

  • Cat Chalets provided with heating

  • Quality bedding provided

  • Healthy and nutritious food provided

  • Medication can be administered

  • Only fully vaccinated cats accommodated (annually)

Caring for your cats

As for other small pets we can also cater for their needs should you be planning a trip away. We specialise in the following, but should you have a query then do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Rabbits - have an option of hutches or large chalets

        Guinea pigs - Hamsters - Mice - Parrots -chickens


Your other small pets

A fluffy kitten being held up in the hand of one of our team an orange and yellow parrot in a cage Two kittens playing a Shetland pony in a field two goats in open pens a black and white rabbit in a hutch